About Us

Flamingo the Label, the brand Co-founded by
Sonal Maheshwari & Vrinda Mohta
with the idealogy of depicting stories with skilled Indian artians and their craftsmanship 
The label is defined for its beauty of intricate embroidery and easy flattering silhouettes thus making our designs classic.
Each outfit is handmade with delicacy and love
which is adorned by women of every age and size.
Made in India
Our country is richest in its Craft and Culture and we take immense pride in reflecting the same through our garments.
Focusing on the textile, skilled technique and craftsmanship like hand embroidery and hand stitching of the garments gives a unique character and adds value to it sentimentally.
This further helps us to preserve the craftsmanship community of our country.
"Every piece is a Labour of Love from Us to You."